Berkshire escorts on Friday

By | May 22, 2017


It may sound daft but I date different escorts every day of the week. On Wednesday I am down in Henley so I date Henley escorts, and in on Friday I date by local Berkshire escorts As a matter of fact, Friday is my favorite day of the week, and I much prefer dating locally at home in Berkshire.

You may wonder why but I find that Berkshire escorts are really hot and saucy. If you are into too hot and sexy escorts. You should certainly make your way to Berkshire to meet some of my stunning girls, we never used to have a lot escorts services in Berkshire but that has changed in recent years. A couple of new agencies have opened up, and the new agencies offer really first class services. I know that a lot of local gents have dated in central London before, but they are now beginning to date in Berkshire as the services are so good now. It must be good for the local economy as a lot of the girls in the area offer party girl services, and that means that they are always out and about on town. Busy bars and pubs are good for the local economy.

Personally, I prefer dating brunettes but I know that there is a lot of different Berkshire escorts around. When you start looking a bit closer at some of the websites, you will soon discover that many of the girls are from out of town, and that means exotic services in my books. On top of that you will find an excellent selection of blondes, brunettes and some stunning redheads as well. I think that we can cover anything and everything the discerning gentleman would need for a good night out on the town.

The only thing is that we really need more escorts. It is great to have new agencies, but there does not seem to be enough Berkshire escorts to go around. That certainly applies to elite Berkshire escorts, and I think the local agencies need to go on a recruitment campaign or something like that. Central London always seem to be full of escorts but recruiting them to work in Berkshire seems to be a bit of a problem. It would be nice to think that a lot of ladies would like to come and work as Berkshire girls on their own initiative. However, I know that there are a lot of foreign escorts working in the UK, and perhaps they don’t know that Berkshire exists.

I work around the UK so I date a lot of escorts in different towns, and I have noticed that a lot of agencies seem to have the same problem. Sometimes the escort’s services industry has a bit of a bad name in some towns, and that means that girls don’t want to become escorts.
It would be great if the industry bosses got together and raised standards so chaps like us in Berkshire could enjoy more escorts services.

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