Can I tempt you to a date with me tonight at Essex Escorts?

By | July 25, 2018

I know that you may think that you can resist temptation, but you really need to ask yourself if you can resist temptation. Over the last few days, I have been thinking a lot about temptation. What leads us into temptation, and what can tempt us in the first place? It is kind of an interesting topic when you stop and think about it.

I have always been interested in temptation, and considered myself to be a bit of a temptress. Temptation is a bit like eating candy. You think that you are only going to have one, but for some reason you end up eating more candy that you need to. I find it very hard to stay away from candy boxes and I know that many of my friends at Essex escorts in do as well. I was wondering if you like to dip your fingers into my candy box tonight. Perhaps I could find something to tempt you with this evening.

When you open my candy box, you will be surprised what you can find in it. If you like, Essex escorts are like a multi coloured candy store where you can find all sorts of things. You can find hot girls, cool girls and girls who just like to fizzle a little – just like those sweets that you stick in your mouth and suck. I like to fizzle a little from time to time, and I was kind of hoping that you would let me fizzle for you tonight. It will be such a sweet experience to savour if you know what I mean.

Of course, here at Essex escorts you will find all the sweets your heart desires. It could be that you fancy spending some time with a dark delight tonight. Don’t worry we can do both really pure dark and lightly coloured dark. If you fancy trying something like a Sugar Plum Fairy, perhaps you would like to meet up with our petite escort. She is often described as the Sugar Plum Fairy by the gents who date and I am sure that you will appreciate at least a little bit of that.

If all things sugar and spice are not your scene, you may want to meet up with our crowning glory. Our domination lady here at Essex escorts is something really special indeed. She can best be described as the chocolate that comes in many different layers. You know one of those chocolates that you bite into and first come across a hard layer and then a soft layer. She is a little bit like that. If you have been a bad boy, she will tell you off, but if you have been a good boy, she will reward you in many different ways. Sounds tempting? I certainly hope that it does and whenever you are ready to dip into our box, just give us a call.

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