As an Escort girl from Kings Cross Escorts, wearing makeup is generally part of everyday life.

By | February 23, 2019

Many Escort girl from Kings Cross Escorts of wear lipstick, blush, foundation, eye makeup and mascara. There are many ways that you will use these items to make yourself look more attractive. You should be mindful of the fact that some make-up can be harmful, especially if it has been sitting for a long time. This article will go through some of the harmful types of cosmetics that women should avoid using because they could be harmful.

Problems with Mascara

It is said that women should throw away mascara that is over three months old. Do not put water into an empty container of mascara to try and make it last longer. This can contaminate the ingredients in the mascara. Once it is used up, throw it away. Another fact for women to remember is not to share eye makeup or any other type of cosmetic. This can transfer germs to the eyes in a very unhealthy way.

Lipstick That Has Been Contaminated

Lipstick that accidentally falls on the ground should either have the surface wiped off thoroughly or the whole thing thrown away. The floor has many germs on it, and those germs can transfer to you because you are putting it on your lips. The lipstick itself should remain covered at all times, unless you are using it. If the lid breaks and can’t be fixed, it is time to throw it out or put it in another container.

Blush That Has Seen the End

Blush can last a long time. However, if it is discolored in some places, this may mean that it will be harmful to your skin. Check the blush out before you use it. Make sure you do not use it if it looks strange. This is imperative to the health of your facial skin. Always make sure it is still in its original form. If it turns liquidy and it was powder in the beginning, it is time to throw it away. Likewise for a liquid form of blush that suddenly cakes up and turns to powdery form.

Old Foundation That Has An Odor Or Looks Discolored

Any time the foundation has an odor or looks discolored, an Escort girl should not use it on your skin. This can really cause damage because it may clog your pores and cause blemishes.

Avoiding any of the harmful effects of cosmetics is important. Use the above tips to make sure that your makeup is safe for you to use.

Bottom line, Make ups are also girls best friend especially  if you work in the adult industry, no one would like to date a girl with a bad make am I right? That is why Kings Cross Escorts wanted to teach ladies on the proper way in applying make up and how it can boost your confidence as a woman.

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