Do London Escorts Play the Lottery

By | December 5, 2019

We all dream of winning the lottery. It does not matter if it is the National Lottery, Euro millions, or the Health Lottery, we all like to daydream what we would do if we won the lottery. Even cheap outcall escorts daydream about winning the lottery. Are lotteries distributed fairly? Many of us who buy lottery tickets on a regular basis wonder if the prizes are distributed fairly. Does one person really need to win the entire jackpot? Many of the girls who work for London escorts think that prizes should be distributed fairer. In other words, they think it would be fairer if the jackpot was distributed much more evenly across the participants.

What would London escorts do if they won a big pot of money? Would they share it out or keep it to themselves? We took the opportunity to ask a couple of London escorts what they would do with the money. The funny thing is that many of the girls at London escorts do not dream about winning the big jackpot. Most of them would be happy to win one of the smaller prices. Are we too greedy? It could be said that many people who dream of winning the lottery are perhaps a little bit too greedy.

One of the London escorts that we talked to said that she would like to buy a pretty cottage in the country if she was fortunate enough to win the lottery. You may not immediately associate country cottages and London escorts. But, the truth is that many former cheap outcall escorts like to take a slightly different look at lives. Girls who have worked for elite London escorts agencies often like to take a couple of years out of life and chill out a little bit.

Another girl that we speak to at the same cheap outcall escorts agency said that she had always dreamed about travelling around the world, and if she won a lot of money, she would do so in style. She would take all of her winnings, and travel around the world 1st class. Winning the lottery to her would mean that she could afford to stay in all of the top class hotels she has always dreamed of, and really enjoy her time exploring the world in style. Of course, that is exactly the sort of thing that many lottery winners do.

But, not all London escorts dream of spending their money on luxury holidays. At least a couple of the girls that we speak to would like to do some good with their money. One of the girls had been to India a couple of years ago and had a real hankering for going back to India. She expressed a wish to travel back to India and open some kind of center for street kids. She loved all of the Indian street kids that she met during her stay in India, but was sad that she could not help them more. We all have different ideas on how we would like to spend our winnings, and it could be a good idea to sit down and make a list. That is just in case you win the lottery.

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